Xian, China



Xi’an located in the Shaanxi province of China, our concept of the site in the Gaoling District is an architectural interpretation of that richness and culture drawn from the elements of Xi’an and China as well as English traditionalism and contemporary modernism.
As many traditional buildings in China, we start with a modern main gate building with an oversized terra cotta soldier statue gate keeper marrying the contemporary with the old. From this point, water would flow down and meander through the site connecting the school campuses as the Silk Road, also known as the “friendship canal”. Starting from Xi’an connecting the east to the west, the canal carries not just raw materials but also technologies and arts that were introduced to Europe.
This site is designed with environmental awareness pushing green ideas, sustainability and accessible solutions. Just to name a few, we will design in solar systems, reclaimed water systems, recycling systems, compost strategies, optimize operational and maintenance practices while also providing healthy living strategies such as providing an abundance of natural light and views of water. Through various strategies, we will increase sustainability, minimize the total waste output as well as increase healthier living, attracting international attention.

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